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Below are articles we have written to help guide your experience as a business owner. We hope these serve as a thought starter and show you ways to improve your business.

Exploring the Changing Definition of Financial Independence

The idea of financial independence and retiring early has motivated Americans for decades. However, the idea of what it means to be financially independent has shifted over time. For example, people might have assumed they were financially independent in the past...

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What Happens to Your Digital Assets When You Pass?

With more people living a digital lifestyle today than at any other time in history, the distribution of assets after death has become more complicated. For example, your email account, social media accounts, and digital images you capture all become part of your...

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How to Preserve Your Family’s Financial Legacy

Have you ever noticed that one generation after the next seems to remain poor in some families while wealth or at least financial comfort appears to run in others? Although some people might write this off as luck or privilege, it goes much deeper than that....

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Self-Employed? Don’t Forget About Retirement Planning!

When you operate your own business, retirement planning often comes as an afterthought to everything else you must do. With no one to set up a plan for you and no automatic deductions from a paycheck, saving for retirement is something that many entrepreneurs are...

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